BMW Spec E30

The E30 series BMW has proven to be one of the most popular, durable and fun chassis to turn into a road course race car.  Even with a nearly stock 6 cylinder power train, the relatively light weight 1987-1992 BMW 325is has incredible speed, handling and braking powers.  With a classic 5 speed transmission, these cars have proven to be tossable and a blast to drive around the track.  Being a "Spec E30" means that our BMW race cars have full roll cages, safety harnesses, fire systems, racing seats, window nets, kill switches, and performance modifications that are required to wheel to wheel race in the NASA sanctioned [Spec E30 racing series: In terms of performance, this means our Spec E30's all have identical racing suspensions, racing brakes, Toyo race tires and lightweight wheels, racing exhausts, and nice racing sponsor stickers and car numbers for those who need the extra speed.