Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of race cars can I rent?
Our current rental fleet of race cars contains a BMW 318 ChumpCar and three BMW 325 SpecE30's.

2) What can I use the race cars for?
Whether you are a novice driver looking to get some seat time on the race track in a high performance driving event, an experienced racer who wants a turn key competitive car to go wheel to wheel racing with, or someone in between who wants to have some fun in a pro level series race car, we have something for you.  These are not street legal cars though, so you can't go to the 7-11 in them.

3) When and where can I rent one of your cars?
You will find that we are really flexible on this - we'll go where our customers want to go.  Chin, Hooked on Driving, FARA, and NASA are clubs that we regularly run with. Road Atlanta, Sebring, Palm Beach, and Homestead are some race tracks that we frequent. With that said, we have scheduled events that we are definitely participating in this year, including some dates at VIR.

4) What does MAD Motorsports do and what do I have to do?
All you have to do is show up and drive, we take care of the rest.  MAD will transport the fully prepped race car to the track, get the car fueled up for each track session, perform suspension and tire adjustments for optimum performance, fix any mechanical issues that may arise, do all the crew work for your pit stops, cook lunch, etc.  You can relax between track sessions in the air conditioned drivers lounge of our 53 foot race hauler, watch some satellite TV or the on track video we just downloaded from your car.

5) What if I crash?
If the damage isn't too extensive and the car can be repaired enough to be safely driveable, we'll get it fixed and you are back out on track right away.  We carry a decent inventory of spares, a huge assortment of tools, and have the expertise to diagnose and repair most carnage.  Unfortunately, the piper must be paid, and the driver will be responsible for paying for the cost of the repairs needed to get the car back in the condition it was in before your accident.  We can do either a damage deposit or a credit card per-authorization before the event, the size of which will depend on the car rented and the type of event, and repairs will be done by us at the normal shop rate after the event and will come out of that deposit or will be billed to you.

6) How much does a rental car cost?
$1. No, just kidding. Racing is not cheap, but you will find that if you add up the cost of consumables (tires, gas, oil, brake pads/rotors/fluids), wear and tear, transportation (including the need for a tow vehicle and trailer), plus the cost of building an all out race car, renting from us is a financially viable alternative.  The daily rental rate for driving school or racing events in the BMW E30's is typically around $1100, depending on how far we are towing the cars to.

7) Can I get photos, video, or data from my driving sessions?
Yes, yes, and yes. We take lots of pictures ourselves of our races, and there is almost always a professional photographer available at every event. Our cars have in car video, which you can download on the spot and even watch in the race hauler between sessions.  In addition, we have Traqmate data acquisition systems to aid you in improving your driving skills and to assist with driver coaching.  All this is included in the cost of your rental.