High Performance Services

• Custom race car builds
• Track support
• Driver coaching
• Vehicle storage
• Race day car transport.

Here at Mad Motorsport we strive to deliver unsurpassed service for all your race car and race day needs. Our vision is to enable and empower car and driving enthusiasts to maintain, modify, drive, and race high performance cars competitively.
We are the one stop shop for all your race car needs.

Custom race car builds
Our team has built a numerous amount of race cars. We have the experience and capability to deliver a custom-spec race car, while offering a full range of maintenance services. We provide professional installation, diagnostics, set-up and tuning for your race car. Whatever you need, from an oil change to a full track car build, we can partner with you to suit all your race cars needs. We have the equipment needed to make sure that your car is tuned correctly, not just for ultimate power, but for drivability and safety as well. Whether your car is naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous injected, we have the experience necessary to properly fine tune your race car. Mad Motorsports is made up of knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful professionals who all love cars. Our helpful staff will assist customers in developing and constantly improving their cars. All of our team members work with high performance cars in our Miami, Fl Service Center, as well as trackside at all racing events.

• Oil changes & tire rotations
• full engine & transmission rebuilds.
• Recommended servicing & vehicle inspection
• Body repairs & restoration
• Performance tuning
• Exhaust & Turbo fabrication
• Race car preparation including roll cage fabrication, race seat installation plus suspension & motor tuning.
• Welding services for a variety of custom projects

Track Support
Mad Motorsports is dedicated to providing superior quality trackside support . Our track support allows YOU, the racer, to concentrate on driving, learning the track, and spending time with other car racing enthusiasts. All the while not having to worry about all the pre-race checklists. Track Support includes: tech inspection, refueling, tire pressure, tire changes, battery maintenance, fluid checkups, minor maintenance, lap times, lunch, and beverages. All of us at Mad Motorsports will always do our very best to make your racing experience fun and exhilarating.

Driver Coaching
We are proud to offer our customers one-on-one driver coaching and tutoring by our experienced drivers. No matter what your personal goals are on the race track, we have the expertise to help you reach those goals.

We also provide our customers with secure and indoor race car storage accommodations. This service provides race car owners a way to protect their investment. Giving them peace of mind knowing that their race car is not only safe and protected, but also maintained to allow its use at short notice.

We have our very own in-house transporters ready and willing to serve you. Driven by our own experienced technicians, we will personally handle the loading and unloading of your race car. From installation to transportation, the only people that will ever touch your car will be the experienced staff of Mad Motorsports.

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Towing Service Available